Extreme Sports Gathering is run by founder Hella Stening. The idea of combining canopy sports for a week of adventure and extreme fun for like minded people came to life after Hella had spent some years skydiving and also try to begin with more canopy sports, although it was far distances between the courses and many times weather cancelled some of them.  The week of ESG will give guests the opportunity to see but also learn from professional instructors and practice with athletes of some of these adventurous sports gathered in one location. It also gives the guest the possibility to change to the sports depending on the weather. She also saw how the sports could grow and develop together, when bringing so much knowledge to one spot. To blend this with other winter sports, music and friends, you cant have more that a great time! Her passion for flying as well as for nature and the mountains is what she wants to share with as many friends as possible.


A week of focusing on the canopy sports will allow for improvement in each category, but sharing the knowledge between guests, professionals and instructors is key to growing this event for our community.  It will allow for a safe environment and approach for guests to start a sport they might not be familiar with.  Last but not least, we thrive to expand and build a meeting point for the community, people and companies related to the sports.

ESG aim to be a fully sustainable event and be a leading example of how to keep on having fun but give back more than we take from mother earth. We are mostly powered by nature but we do burn fossil fules and for this we will compensate is different ways.


The first ESG was held in 2013 with a small group of experienced athletes in Riksgränsen. It slowly increased and and started to take form with more lectures for each year and even live music concerts was added in 2017. That added a festival feeling to the already familiar wibe. With crew members, week participants and drop-ins ESG have had up tp 75 participants during a week, that without counting all hotel guest coming to the free lectures and not to forget, all hang-arounds!
2019 was the last ESG in Riksgränsen. To have the possibilities to grow even more Hella decided to start to work with Tärnaby Fjällhotell for 2020 and therefor move the hole event. The hotel is very experienced in organizing and has great possibilities for all sports and activities.